Canbrands Specialty Foods - a 100% dedicated Gluten Free  bakery and dry blending facility , which produce natural & nutritious, gluten free & organic products. Dry mixes, finished baked goods, pizza crusts and ingredients for retail PL, custom co-pack and our Pane Riso brands.  Now established in our new 32,000 sq ft. dedicated Gluten Free facility with BRC Certification. 

​Sprague Foods Limited:   Sprague Foods Limited is a BRC certified facility employing the most advanced in-container sterilization and cooking system in the world to optimize cooking quality while preserving nutritional qualities in both metal and glass containers.
We specialize in healthy, organic, all natural, kosher and vegetarian products including shelf-stable Beans, Savoury Beans, Baked Beans, Refried Beans, Bean Dips, Hummus, Soups, Sauces and Desserts.


Weil's Food Processing Ltd.
Processor of quality canned tomato, tomato sauces, pasta sauces & potato products.  Specializing in private label and contract packing.

Seafood Supreme
Seafood Supreme – specializing in producing the authentic “True Blue” Maryland Crab Cakes and other innovative crab, lobster and shrimp cakes.  No other crab cake is “True Blue” and is available for PL or our Seafood Supreme brand.

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Professional Sales representation and consulting for Private Label and Retail Brand Products.

Food Processors represented by Fittler Sales & Marketing Inc.